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PotC Recs

Pirates of the Caribbean Fic Recommendations

Pirates of the Caribbean Fic Recs
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This is a community exclusively for Pirates of the Caribbean fan fiction recommendations -- links to stories, author's sites, mailing lists and communities. After months spent scouring various sites, communities and posts, I thought it was about time to create a solid community for the purpose of providing PotC fiction recs. This community was started as a resource for finding good PotC fanfiction. If you like a particular story, post a link. Tell us why.

Every week there shall be a theme post issued, in which you may post particular recs relating to that theme. So for example, a Halloween theme? Post links to PotC stories related to Halloween. Get it?

You may post links to:
Recommendation Pages

Het, slash, FPS, RPS, it doesn't matter, so long as it is related to PotC.

As recs continue, I will sort them into various memory categories for your convenience. :)

Post Format

Pairing (or character, depending on what particular genre):
Summary (if you'd like):

And a brief review if you feel so inclined. If said review is too long, please post it behind an LJ cut.

Author's name:
Site or URLs to story locations:
Author's blog/LJ address:
General themes or pairings (example: Jack/Will):

A brief review, if you wish.

Recommendation Pages
Site Title:
Site URL:
General focus of recs:


Stay on topic. Stick to recommendations only. Make sure your post fits into the aforementioned categories, for the sake of clutter. If you would like to post your stories, check out pirategasm.

Please keep all discussion in the indivdual post comment threads. Do not start OT and discussion posts.

Pimping of recs pages is allowed, pimping of all other sites is not. ;)

Places of Interest

crack_van: Multi-fandom recommendations
pirategasm: PotC fan fiction


potc_recs is moderated by ignited. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the community, feel free to e-mail me.