Mary Margrave (sunisshiningnow) wrote in potc_recs,
Mary Margrave

Jack-has-a-haircut Fic

Ah, I'm so not sure if this is okay w/ the rules (I did read them), buuut: can anyone point me to fics where Jack cuts his hair for some reason? I love his dreads as much as the next pirates fangirl but I was reading the third installment of 'Contradictions' by veronica_rich (great Turrow story, btw) and totally loved the part where Will teases Jack how much different/ younger he looks without all the hair (cut off for a disguised escape attempt from somewhere), and just wonder if there's more shorthair!Jack or Jack-gets-a-haircut fics out there, lol. Pairing isn't important, but slash is the most welcome (heck, I'd even love gen). XD Thanks!!

P.S.-  Know of anywhere I could cross-post this to get more replies?
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