savvysparrowluv (savvysparrowluv) wrote in potc_recs,

Sparrabeth Awards


I've created a new community called "Sparrabeth_Seas: The Sparrabeth Awards". Basically, this community gives Awards to nominated Sparrabeth Fanfiction in many different categories. The nomination period is now open, and will be open for the next two weeks (until September 7th). For more information on nominations, voting, winning etc. Check out the link:

Since I've never been a mod. before, I'd love to have a co-mod to help out ;) Also, if anybody out there is a good banner maker, and would like a new project, I'd love to have a few of you! The idea is that the winner in each category would get a "First Place" banner to post on their LJ or just for bragging rights ;p

Please comment if you are interested or have any questions! I think this will be fun!

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